Want to Dish With Us?

You can dish too! Here’s how.

We’ve set up a formula for you to successfully share your dish; please follow this format when providing your secrets to success. The idea is to give us a summary of your experience; feel free to write as much or as little as you would like to share:

  • Challenge/Problem – What was it that you encountered or noticed that needed worked out?
  • Constraints – What was out of your control that you needed to acknowledge and manage to institute the solution?
  • Final Solution – What did you do to fix the problem? List, if any, the other solutions or ideas and why they didn’t work (pros/cons).

We ask that anyone wanting to serve up their experiences or an opinion be mindful that we are encouraging an environment for sharing. At any time we have the right to remove any derogatory comments or “rants” from our blog. Let’s not have any “bad apples” so-to-speak.

Other inquiries and general comments can be sent to the Dishing Duo.

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