Designing and Delivering Piping Hot Goals!

In helping students to comprehend the design and development portions of the ADDIE phase, it’s always valauble to provide an overview of what the infrastructure of their training sets on. Using the idea that a goal is whole pizza, let’s serve up this delicious explanation.

Our analysis is the dough that we knead and work on until we come up with the goal of the training. We thought about the learners who will be eating this pizza and we thought about how they will eat the pizza and where, etc. With this information we create our instructional goal statement which we liken to a whole pizza.

We then have to develop objectives that tie to the goal statement. Let’s say that each slice of pizza is an objective. Your pizza could be personal sized – a small goal with a few objectives or a large goal with many slices (think big like those square sicilian styled ones that have like 24!). Nonetheless, each slice focuses on something that helps to ensure we have a whole pizza at the end.

Now what’s on that pizza? Most pizzas have sauce and cheese – for us that is our content. Content is always a constant in any training so we will always have that. Now what about the toppings? What are those? These are our instructional strategies. Just like each pizza is different, we may use different “toppings” per slice to help the learner engrain the concepts more quickly. Each type of topping represents a different type of strategy.

The crust is our delivery method. A traditional crust is like having a synchronous face-to-face workshop. A cheese-stuff crust is blended, etc. What about assessment? Well we need to assess that goal. Would it make sense to eat the slice with a spoon or with a fork or just by picking it up? Make sure the assessment matches the objective!

Hungry? Have your own ideas about how to combine cooking and ID? Share with us!