DishingDesign is a melting pot of information on instructional technology as it pertains to ones day-to-day job in the world of creating educational materials. Whether you are a project manager, instructional designer or technologist, learning specialist, programmer, trainer, subject matter expert (SME), Director of Such-and-Such, or just plain curious -this blog will have something for you!

DishingDesign was whipped up by two passionate and energetic instructional designers: Brandy L. Berger, MSIT and Robyn A. Defelice, MSIT (aka the DishingDuo). Recognizing that not all folks who develop training and/or participate in the creation of training are true instructional designers the DishingDuo wanted to provide an open environment to share their best practices and encourage others to share; developing a repository for all to use as they encounter challenges in their training initiatives. Though Brandy has moved on, the philosophy of the site continues on with guest bloggers and Robyn adding to the variety of topics presented.

The DishingDesign welcomes ideas, questions, and even guest bloggers; they are always on the search for new recipes! Other inquiries and general comments can be sent to the DishingDesign.

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