Gamifying Learning – Just the Basics

There is nothing more fun than a game – whether it is for individual enjoyment or for friendly competition. Bringing those concepts into the learning environment is now as common as playing Candy Crush. The concept of gamifying is basic, but once you comprehend the basics you will see the robust potential of game design for learning that awaits you!

To get you started with gamification basics I am providing my slide deck (in PDF format) on the topic. I recently presented a general overview of what gamification of learning is, the four player types, and several of the motivational gaming elements. References to articles are located at the end of the slide deck and all are good reads for gaining a full perspective on gamification and its use in developing learning products.

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“Presentation Slides
Transcript from presentation
Link to DesigningDigitally’s video showcasing their 3-D, story-based immersive game on owning a pet in a shared community.