Developing a Plan to Spice Up Your Skills

Have you finished your audit? If yes, let’s move on. If no, we hope you go back and review our post on The Shelf Life of ID Spices, where we discuss the first few steps of performing a skill audit. Plus, we created you a great template with suggested scoring and values that you can apply to your appraisal.

So now what?

Upon examining your audit sheet and its applied competency ratings and values you have probably noticed what your core assets and general skills respectively. With this information you will assess, based on your personal goal(s), a plan for developing advanced or new skills. Not sure what type of goals you want for yourself? Perhaps you need a bit of perspective on what you can design for yourself as a realistic set of goals or perhaps you need a bit of motivation.

Dr. Joel Gardner over at Reflections on Learning Success shares about his goals and suggestions for ways to enrich you as an Instructional Designer. The eLearning Coach provides insights and advice to staying motivated as an instructional designer. We think that having personal professional goals are a great way to have ambition for you and your career!

C’mon I have my goals, let’s get to the planning!

Ok, here you go – we have developed a basic template that you can use (opens in a new window) to track and manage your goals and the resources you used to achieve those goals. Feel free to use it as is or to modify it based on your needs.

Check back with us as we continue our discussion about skill development from various stand points this year. From online resources, to crafting a marketable resume or any idea you choose to throw at us.

Also, we INVITE all of you to contribute your thoughts and ideas or if you have a template you would like to share just send it along to us at!