Lemons Make More than Lemonade

Everyone is familiar with that adage, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Of course over the years we have also become acquainted with a more wittier saying of asking for salt and tequila. And perhaps this person was onto something. They were putting out an important idea – that there is more than one purpose for the lovely lemon.

That’s the focus of this blog, a simple one, as simple as our lemon. One good lemon can be many things. We find the lemon to be a fantastic base to add to dishes; whether breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. In the instructional design field a good base on the documentation side is to have a format and template that can flex to your needs.

Here at DishingDesign we have a fantastic template that we use for everything from a job aid, to a standard operating procedure, to a policy, and even a narration script. We have come to realize over the years that templates are a great starting point, much like the lemon to make life a bit more enjoyable. Other items that would work great in an ID’s toolkit would be:

  • Agenda/meeting minutes – you never know if your client will have them so show them your professional capabilities for administration.
  • Proposals – RFP’s typically have short turn around and having a standard proposal with a few areas boiler plated allows you to respond quickly!
  • Reports -whether the report is for status of a project, selection of a product, or an evaluation or assessment here again we can rely on common sections, styles, and formatting to allow us to quickly adopt and modify the document to our reporting needs.

These are but a few of our lemons, what have you made with yours?